I need to surrender my guinea pigs, what do I need to do?

You will need to call the cavy cottage on 0433-656-596 to make sure we have room available.

also write down their names, age and any info that may help them be adopted.

Yes there is a surrender Fee please contact me for more info.

How much to adopted a guinea pig ?

$50 each Baby $40 each Adult

What can guinea pigs eat?

Guinea Pig Health

Primary health concerns for Guinea Pigs can be:

  • Scurvy – Vitamin C deficiency can manifest as poor skin and coat condition. Prevention is better than cure and providing high vitamin C as part of the daily diet is the best option.
  • Mites – Mites can cause hair loss and dry scabby skin. Often caused by overcowding and poor nutrition, mites can be treated using Fido’s FRE- ITCH rinse concentrate as part of the regular bathing regime.
  • Dental Disease – A common problem when Guinea Pigs have not had a daily diet with high fibre foods including hay, which they chew to wear down their constantly growing teeth.
  • Diarrhoea – a potentially dangerous disease, diarrhoea in Guinea Pigs should always be assessed by a small animal vet ASAP to determine the cause.
  • Pododermatitis – (AKA Bumblefoot) – a painful disease caused by inadequate diet and wire flooring. Needs treatment through a small animal vet as anti-biotics, anti-inflammatories and dressing required in severe cases.

Guinea Pig Care

  • HOUSING – Cavy Cottage Rescue recommends two safe areas for your Guinea Pigs. The first is a sheltered area located either inside or on a patio which provides protection from predators and weather extremes. The second is a covered grass run where your pet can have some exercise during nice weather. The minimum living area per Guinea Pig is 60cm x 60cm and we recommend hutches which do not have a wire base as this can cause a painful infection in your Guinea Pigs feet.
  • BEDDING – Cavy Cottage Rescue uses and recommends Pine Wood Shavings as bedding. The base of the cage is first prepared by laying down some newspaper, then a layer of pine wood shavings approx 3cm deep. This gives great absorbency and helps to keep your Guinea Pigs coat clean. We change our bedding weekly to maintain an odour and pest free environment.
  • DIET – Our Guinea Pigs receive a daily diet which consists of a bowl of freshly mixed Cavy Cottage Cuisine and some hay in the mornings, plus a cup of fresh vegetables at night. We ensure that at least one of the evening meal ingredients is high in Vit C as Guinea Pigs are unable to store this essential vitamin.
  • COMPANIONSHIP – Guinea Pigs need companionship from their same species as they are herd animals and their natural state is to be part of a group. We recommend a minimum of 2 Guinea Pigs and have found that 2 boys pair up equally as well as 2 girls, especially when the second male is a baby which allows the original boy to take over the alpha male, protective role.
  • GROOMING – At Cavy Cottage our Guinea Pigs are washed at least monthly. This enables us to do a full physical check of our pigs and ensure our long hair breeds have their grooming needs met. We use Fidos shampoo for bathing, ensuring that our Guinea Pigs heads never go under the water. We also check nails and trim as needed. All our pigs are brushed weekly to remove any old fur from their coats.

Why shop at The Cavy Cottage?

  • All the goods purchased through The Cavy Cottage help to maintain the operation of Cavy Cottage Rescue
  • We are a small, independently owned business, who focuses ONLY on Guinea Pigs
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Cavy Cottage Rescue

All Guinea Pigs adopted or purchased do so with the following agreement

* Money back guarantee for Guinea Pigs who become ill within a 3 days of adoption (if Veterinary care is accessed during this time without Cavy Cottage written approval – no responsibility will be held for Veterinary costs)
* After this time Cavy Cottage Rescue takes no responsibility for illness or Veterinary costs associated with your Guinea Pig


Vacci Vet

Dr Jackie
2/24 Bay Tce,
Wynnum QLD 4179
(07) 3102 3923

Albany Creek Veterinary Surgery

Dr Steve
739 Albany Creek Road,
Albany Creek
(on roundabout opposite McDonalds)
07 3264 1222

Dr Peter Fields

Everton Hills Veterinary Surgery
Shop 7 Everton Hills Shopping Village
Camelia Ave,
Ph: (07) 3355 6724

Dr Vanessa Harkess

Brighton Veterinary Surgery
470 Beaconsfield Terrace
Brighton 4017
Ph: (07) 3269 2223

Dr Michelle Barton

Old Mill Vet Surgery
Ph: (07) 3425 2222


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