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The Cavy Cottage

Thank you for visiting The Cavy Cottage. We are an online shop who are dedicated totally to Guinea Pigs – from the latest in Guinea Pig Goodies to standard Cages and Runs. We have imported many of our goods direct from the manufacturer so we can ensure a competitive price for our customers. A percentage of all our profits goes directly to Cavy Cottage Rescue – so when you purchase a product from this site – you will also be helping Guinea Pigs who have come into our Rescue.

Cavy Cottage Rescue

Our Rescue is a small self-funded, family run rescue. We are based in Geebung, Brisbane and are happy to take any mis-treated, found, pregnant or unwanted Guinea Pigs. These Guinea Pigs undergo full treatment at our Rescue for any medical problems which may be present and are handled regularly in an attempt to ‘humanise’ our more frightened residents. These Guinea Pigs often emerge as some of the friendliest, most inquisitive Guinea Pigs you will meet and make a wonderful addition to many families.

Our Philosphy

Here at The Cavy Cottage we believe that all Guinea Pigs should lead a safe and healthy life, with the same legislative rights that cats and dogs are finally achieving in the legal system. We are promoting this through:-

-Education at local schools and kindergartens to encourage children to treat animals with care and compassion
-Open days where children and adults can come to the shelter to learn how to care for their Guinea Pigs
-Discouraging the indiscriminate breeding of Guinea Pigs and sale of mis-sexed and/or unhealthy Guinea Pigs
-Support of Guinea Pigs owners with information for any problems they may have with their pets