Guinea pigs Available for Adoption



 We have Girls and Boys available Please look on our Facebook for picture…..


ADOPTIONS – Our Guinea Pigs at Cavy Cottage Rescue come from a variety of backgrounds. They include Surrenders, Rescues and, on occasion babies born at the Sanctuary. All our Guinea Pigs have health checks, bathing, worming, mite treatment and toenail clipping prior to adoption.

Prior to adoption we do ask that you consider the following
* Your Guinea Pig will live for the next 5 – 8 years
* Your Guinea Pig needs a companion as they are herd animals and need companionship of their own kind
* Your Guinea Pig needs to be handled gently at all times with adult supervision for children
* Your Guinea Pig will need living quarters which are a minimum of 60cm x 60cm per pig (with no wire floors)
* You need to provide a low stress, predator free environment which is also sheltered from our weather extremes
* You need to be able to financially care for your Guinea Pig including Vet Care, plus regular Worming & Mite Treatment
* You need to provide Weekly Bedding Changes, Daily Fresh Vegetables, Hay, Dry Food & Water

SURRENDERS – All Guinea Pigs are welcome at our Sanctuary. If you find that you are no longer able to care for you Guinea Pig for whatever reason, or you have unexpected babies born, they will be very welcome at Cavy Cottage Rescue. All our potential adoptive families are screened to make sure all our rescued pigs go to lovely new homes where they will be a cherished part of the new family. Any Guinea Pigs which are not able to be rehomed will stay at the Sanctuary as part of our resident group.